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ETA 30 min.

4/22/2015 Posted by William Berry , No comments
I'm gonna miss the keynote aren't I?
Google maps puts me 25 min to the Bossanova with light traffic.
Parking's gonna be a mess.  Jim and I looked around yesterday and there was nothing for folks without a "Zone G" permit.  I wonder if Portland lets you buy a permit online. Gah! For a tech-centric city, this site's a mess.
Where are my keys?
Better question - where are my pants?
OK, kick off this test run, grab breakfast and boogie.
Hair looks sharp. Shirt is buttoned. Laptop in bag, phone charged, let's roll.
Where ... are ... my ... pants?
Alright, pat-down, got everything finally.
Now food.
Oh. Wow. I must say this is quite a delightful breakfast for a roadside Comfort Inn reminiscent of the the Timberline Lodge. Eggs, sausage and an English muffin. This ought to soak up last night, maybe?
Keys, coffee, extra croissant, directions.
The Eagle - haven't heard this since Sacramento, love this station.
Where to park?  With all these spaces, you'd think they would put in metered parking. Here take my money, is it not green enough?  Ooooh, residential parking, no signs, few blocks away. Perfect!
Right. Three very steep flights of stairs. Oof.
Need more coffee.
Where's my Advil?
Crap, Sebastian is the first talk, this ought to be a roller. Seriously, where is my Advil.  "Because beer" - yup that about sums it up.


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