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Azure IoT Gateway SDK Build Problems

9/08/2016 Posted by William Berry , , , 3 comments
I've had the opportunity to start exploring the Azure IoT product suite lately and over all first impressions are very positive.  I've rolled a few F# solutions for device management and simulation with good success.  The next step of this project has lead me to the Azure IoT Gateway SDK in an attempt to implement a custom filtering/batching/grouping/compression gateway for a field array.  Unfortunately, after adding the C++ options to Visual Studio, installing CMake a few times and adding it to my path, I was stuck.  Running the included `build.cmd` or CMake by hand lead to a string of errors like:

After some lamenting that this happens every time someone lets me near C code I checked the issues list and found that I cannot follow directions.  Aside from making sure that your path to the checked out repo is under 20 characters, because `Windows`, you need to make sure to include the recursive flag in the clone from GitHub.  Here is the command for the lazy:

`git clone --recursive`

Happy coding!

Friendly Disclaimer: I now work for Microsoft in DX 


  1. Is Azure mandatory for using this SDK?

    1. Technically no. You could quite easily create a terminal module that logged the data locally to a database or persisted to disk. I would see the non-Azure connected gateway as part of a complex migration story, wherein you may not be able to initially connect your field array to the cloud.

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