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This Week In IoT ~January 6, 2017~

1/06/2017 Posted by William Berry , , , , No comments
In the wake of CES, `This week in IoT` has some interesting highlights.  We saw the public announcement of Microsoft's Connected Car initiative, built from an initial partnership with a Renault-Nissan.  The Kissenger iPhone device allows you to "kiss" strangers over the internet.  And though not expressly `IoT`, it turns out that Ultrasound tracking can be used to bypass anonymity systems.  So here's this week's roll:

In The News:

Kissenger - kissing people over the internet with your iPhone ... 


Security Spotlight:

Ultrasound Tracking Could Be Used to Deanonymize Tor Users

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Book of the Week:

- Collects interdisciplinary and comprehensive analyses of theoretical and applied problems concerning group profiling, Big Data and predictive analyses.



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