In a previous life Bill crafted scenery for Broadway, a la Pirates of Penzance, but now crafts software for the enterprise, a la Pirates of Silicon Valley. Slinging code for Microsoft’s famed DX group, Bill has the opportunity to help developers the world over deliver cutting edge solutions with Azure products & services. In previous roles, he has lead service integrations with Fortune 500 retailers, curated DevOps initiatives and to this day still enjoys building high performance, multi-tenant distributed data APIs. As a deeply curious engineer, he enjoys pairing complex problems with simple and elegant solutions. Striving for meaningful change, Bill believes that cultural and technical progress is best made through evolution and not revolution.


Software Craftsman, specializing in systems architecture, APIs and integration. Motivated and passionate leader with proven track record interacting with diverse internal and external stakeholders. Deeply curious and savvy technologist that executes on short-term requirements and cultivates long-term visions.


THE RETAIL EQUATION, Irvine, CA (2011 - Present)

Data and analytics driven SaaS, predicting and shaping consumer behavior at each point of interaction.

Verify Application Architect & Technical Lead (2013 - Present)

Architect and lead developer for real time SaaS system, including associated ETL, infrastructure, APIs and tooling. Interacts directly with internal and external stakeholders on feature development and service integrations for Fortune 500 clientele.

Software Engineer(2011 - 2013)

Performed core software asset feature development and design including cross coding of predictive analytics/modeling to real-time systems. Instrumental in developing massive parallelized in-house testing platform and expanding ETL capabilities. Began continuing initiative to document institutional knowledge, clarify coding standards and distill in-house product visions.

LUCID MOTIONS, Huntington Beach, CA (2008 - 2011)

Boutique entertainment consulting firm specializing in automation and theatrical properties.

Owner & Automation Consultant

Launched successful and profitable Entertainment Consulting Business. Clients include Cruise Ship Entertainment and Broadway. Key deliverables included: Project Management; Real-Time Automation Control Systems Design in Java & .Net; and Product R&D.

HUDSON SCENIC STUDIO, INC., Yonkers, NY (2007 - 2010)

Major Broadway production, scenic, and automation studio with more than 40 Tony nominated shows.

Automation Engineer & Control Systems Specialist

Designed, programmed and maintained high-speed, low latency C# network application with graphical interface to standalone automation controllers, utilizing Modbus TCP and MelsecFX industrial protocols. Designed and directed fabrication of compact, high-density motor control racks including associated safety systems with 5,000 points of I/O. Conduct in-house and customer training on control devices. Provided national and international client support of automation systems and onsite personnel training


MFA Stage Automation, University of North Carolina, School of the Arts (2004 - 2007)

“Proving the viability of scalable, event driven entertainment automation software”.

Relevant Coursework:

Control Systems Design including PLCs, Hydraulics, Pneumatics Electronics/Electrics; Project Management; Theatrical Structural Engineering; Metalworking & Fabrication.

Independent Studies:

Visual Basic; C#; J2SE; Modbus TCP; Electronics; Field I/O; Computer Controlled Automation Systems; Object Oriented Programming; and TCP/IP Networking.

BA Theater Arts - emphasis in Technical Theater, University of California (1998 - 2001)

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