Written September 8, 2016

Azure IoT Gateway SDK Build Problems

I’ve had the opportunity to start exploring the Azure IoT product suite lately and over all first impressions are very positive. I’ve rolled a few F# solutions for device management and simulation with good success. The next step of this project has lead me to the Azure IoT Gateway SDK in an attempt to implement a custom filtering/batching/grouping/compression gateway for a field array. Unfortunately, after adding the C++ options to Visual Studio, installing CMake a few times and adding it to my path, I was stuck. Running the included build.cmd or CMake by hand lead to a string of errors like:

After some lamenting that this happens every time someone lets me near C code I checked the issues list and found that I cannot follow directions. Aside from making sure that your path to the checked out repo is under 20 characters, because Windows, you need to make sure to include the recursive flag in the clone from GitHub.
Here is the command for the lazy:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/Azure/azure-iot-gateway-sdk.git

Happy coding!

Friendly Disclaimer: I now work for Microsoft in DX