Written May 24, 2014

Craftsman & Craftsmanship

If you could pick one word, and only one word to describe yourself, what would it be? What word would you own? What word wakes you up and puts you to bed? What word drives your decisions, challenges your peers and inspires your team? Go ahead and think about it for a minute, I can wait.

It has taken me many years to find my word; though I think I have always tried to embody it. From my youthful days building cardboard forts, through the bright lights of Broadway and onto dark themed code editors …

My word is Craftsman.

It is a pretty powerful word:

  1. It carries the weight and passion of being an innovator and master of craft.
  2. It is a humbling word, bringing acknowledgement of imperfection.
  3. It emphasizes practice and the virtue of patience.
  4. It suggests a willingness to disseminate knowledge.
  5. Its implementation adds value and softens the risks of change.
  6. It encourages one to strategize for the future.

So one last question … are you a Craftsman?

*Update - this post was inspired by my iPhone getting stuck repeating Bob Marley’s “Corner Stone” while on a ride. The song has its roots in Psalm 118 line 22 for the curious.