Written September 21, 2015

FluentConf Talk Proposal 2016.

Title: The Great Decoupling:

Rewiring Brownfield Enterprise WebApps with Microservices


A case study of migrating a legacy web application onto microservices.


We’ve heard plenty about microservice architectures and the benefits they can bring to the table, shortened development cycles, better overall system modularity, independently deployable units of work, etc. So what’s an architect or developer on a legacy application to do with all that green grass on the other side of the fence? How can we breathe new life into our classically architected monoliths?

In this session, we’ll skip the big re-write and investigate strategic approaches to lifting a real life brownfield enterprise webapp up onto microservices. Specifically, we’ll cover development and testing challenges, the teasing apart of complex dependencies and approaches to refreshing a domain model. Along the way, we’ll look at tips for deploying into existing infrastructures, maintaining project momentum and planning for the future.


The audience should leave inspired and confident of the core topics & thinking required to migrate a legacy asset to microservices.