Written December 31, 2014

Getting Started with Elixir and Sublime Text 3

I just finished the DotNetRocks Episode:1080 with Bryan Hunter where he espoused the benefits of the Elixir language. After an hour of ear drum caressing, I sat down to ‘mix’ up some Elixir. Of course, having little familiarity with Sublime Text 3 (what appears to be the defacto editor for Elixir on Windows?), I was stumped before I could ever lay a line outside the REPL.

The journey begins with:

  1. Downloading Sublime Text 3 available here: http://www.sublimetext.com/3 (as always, if you find the product useful, send the developers some love and buy a license!)
  2. Head over to PackageControl.Io and follow the instructions to install the Sublime Package Control. https://packagecontrol.io/installation#st3
  3. Next visit Stanislav Vishnevskiy’s Github page and follow the instructions to install the Elixir Sublime plugin for Sublime Text 3. https://github.com/vishnevskiy/ElixirSublime
  4. The last step is to head over to the Elixir Getting Started Guide and start writing some code! http://elixir-lang.org/getting_started/1.html#1.2-interactive-mode

Further resources:

  1. Elixir Main Site: http://elixir-lang.org/
  2. Elixir GitHub: https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir
  3. Prag Prog Book: https://pragprog.com/book/elixir/programming-elixir
  4. Joe Armstrong on Elixir: http://joearms.github.io/2013/05/31/a-week-with-elixir.html