Written April 20, 2016

Integrating Jenkins and NUnit3

I’ve long been a fan of the deep integration of JUnit into the Jenkins CI ecosystem. Unfortunately, because most of what we build with our CI server are .Net applications, we are very dependent on a number of plugins to shim between our .Net world and the more Java orientation of Jenkins. One such plugin, that I’ve grown quite fond of, is the NUnit Plugin that does transforms between NUnit’s test result output and the JUnit format that is used for the built in Test Result Trend Graphs.

After adding NUnit3 to our build server and wiring up our NAnt scripts, my test builds began to fail with ‘No NUnit test report files were found.’
Browsing the target folder for the artifacts did show a result file that at first blush looked good, but after a bit of research, I came across this thread which gives a pretty good hint about the issue at hand. While that thread proposes implementing a custom xslt transform, there is a much easier solution … NUnit command line has options that include formatting output, see here. So with a simple modification to our NAnt script we can call the NUnit console specifying an output file and the NUnit2 result file format as follows: