Written January 6, 2017

This Week In IoT ~January 6, 2017~

In the wake of CES, This week in IoT has some interesting highlights. We saw the public announcement of Microsoft’s Connected Car initiative, built from an initial partnership with a Renault-Nissan. The Kissenger iPhone device allows you to “kiss” strangers over the internet. And though not expressly IoT, it turns out that Ultrasound tracking can be used to bypass anonymity systems. So here’s this week’s roll:

In The News:

Product Highlight:

*AWS Green Grass


The Internet of Shit:

  • Kissenger - kissing people over the internet with your iPhone …


The Strobe Protocol Framework

Security Spotlight:

Ultrasound Tracking Could Be Used to Deanonymize Tor Users

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Book of the Week:

  • Group Privacy- Collects interdisciplinary and comprehensive analyses of theoretical and applied problems concerning group profiling, Big Data and predictive analyses.